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Stressing the Faith...When Students Are Stressing Out

Lisa Driscoll

"Benefactors have a particular role...tilling the soil for souls to be touched and providing the financial means to do what we do."
—Lisa Driscoll, Missionary at MIT

Lisa Driscoll, team director at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), works closely with her FOCUS teammates to discern effective ways to reach their unique student body.

At MIT, Lisa meets students who are intrigued with deep, theological questions, as well as those ready to jump into discipleship right away. One example is Sarah, a junior who got involved with FOCUS her freshman year and now co-leads Bible study on campus. "She is a beautiful example of resilience in schoolwork and prioritizing God," Lisa says.

On the other hand, Lisa has met many students who struggle with the overwhelming pressure to excel academically and to earn top-grade career opportunities. Commitment to discipleship and Bible study during the semester can be a tough balance for students, sometimes causing them to lose focus on faith. That's when creative solutions are needed.

In the January intercession, when MIT encourages students to be involved in other activities, FOCUS offers Bible study three times a week, as well as a course on St. Thomas Aquinas. These are powerful sessions that have led to conversions—even for those not of the faith!

Missionaries also intercede with prayer for their students. Indeed, Lisa knows from personal experience the power of intercessory prayer and hopes all benefactors understand their prayers and support are vital.

"Benefactors have a particular role—like contemplatives—for our mission," Lisa says, "tilling the soil for souls to be touched and providing the financial means to do what we do."

Till the Soil for Souls

Many college students fall away from faith during their college years, so FOCUS reaches out to bring them closer to Christ and the Church. You can help us continue to till the soil for souls. Contact Phil Purcell, J.D. at 765-730-4321 or to learn how.